I think you all know what a 2CV is no need to explain. We all like to look at those derelict twoceevees on anonymous scrapyards don't we ? Well here is a small selection of my collection of dead twoceevees! Most photographes were taken in France hidden in the landscape in valleys and forests overgrown with weeds, nettles and brambles. People sometimes ask me: "is it still possible now-a-days to find these hidden treasures in France?" Answer: "Yes it is" - happy hunting ! Please do not ask me for locations as most of the pictures were shot years ago so subsequently the cars and also most of the scrapyards do no longer exist. Have fun watching !

We found the ultimate "Green" motor !
and it lives in our back garden now.
There was a mailbag full of letters in the back,
(and you asked me how come the
French never answer letters?)

Abandoned in a meadow and nothing
wrong with it
This example was in a perfect condition
when it arrived. But it was standing a bit in
the way so,"on the heep"
Here is another one, Oh jummy,
nice new mudguards
The mail will never be delivered.
That nice metalic green GS
was in perfect condition
Here we are in the dry climate near Frejus,
a huge pine forest full of carcasses.