Surrealistic collages by J.O. van Griethuysen (1917-1995)


Jacobus Otto van Griethuysen (Jacques) was born in Den Haag, Netherlands on February 1, 1917. In 1919 the family moved to Paris, France where his father studied Philosophy at Sorbonne University. In the 1920's and 30's he lived in Lausanne, Switserland and Brussels, Belgium. Early 1940 he returned to Den Haag where he continued to live until his death in June 1995. During his life Jacques van Griethuysen composed thousands of collages. Built up from images carefully collected, selected and cut out from all kinds of printed matter. He used gravures from the 1850's as well as recent colour images from magazines. He always declared his collages had no deeper meaning at all. He only composed them to take his mind off a long day in his Real Estate Office. The early 70's were his most productive years and some of his best work in colour were created. His collages were exhibited in galleries in Brussels, Belgium and Geneva, Switserland with a lot of positive media attention. Many interested visitors and prospective buyers came to the art galleries to be amazed by the surrealistic world he created. Now it's time to see for yourself a selection of "Imaginative world of Jacques van Griethuysen"