Those fine old fashioned scrapyards are a disappearing phenomena.

Wouldn't you like to see the car your dad bought new in the early 1950 and remember all the good time you had sitting in the backseat enjoying the day out. At some point it had served its purpose and was sent to the scrapyard. You'd never expected to see it again in the the year 2000 would you? Car graveyards with their rotten carcasses covered with mosses and lichen standing in a field with high brambles growing all over it, or in a forest that wasn't there when these cars were parked there years ago. Most of the cars complete, doors, engines and even the 6v batteries still in place. All waiting patiently on the road to nowhere in this never ending traffic jam.

Some vandalised for parts years ago to keep another model on the road. Even those salvaged parts landed up on another scrapheap. Here are just some photo's in my collection, photo's taken over the years in various locations in Europe. Some of the locations still exist today others have long ago been cleared. There is no use contacting me for exact locations as most of the scapyards are cleared now. Just look at the various different colours of the mosses and how they grow in the most surprising places. Wouln't you like to place one of those rare cars in your own suburban garden and see it getting greener year after year. I can see one of those beauties it's in my own garden, and yes, it's true I have invented the ULTIMATE GREEN CAR

Renault and Juva Quatre Simca 8

The forest Little Simca
Ford Vedette Peugeot
Panhard Lots of Opels